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DnD| Roy Hellborn| References| EDIT by RomyvdHel-Art DnD| Roy Hellborn| References| EDIT by RomyvdHel-Art

EDIT: Added a gender-bend version of my own tattoo to Roy, the original design:… is made by the lovely Fuki-Art/Makabrotka… :heart: God I still love that tattoo <3

Fun-Fact: I don't own any other tattoo's Roy has, aside from the faun one (yet ;DD)

This is Roy and NPC we made (jokingly at first) to be Erik's father. He is lightly-based on myself but as the opposite gender, as my boyfriend and I used to joke that we were basically Erik's parents, because we made him together and he was the best combination of our worst treats :D ... but jokes went to actually adoring the characters, and so Roy and his wife Vera (My boyfriend's gender bend) were born and here we are now... enjoy xD


Callname: Roy
Full-Name: Rayen Hellborn 
Age: (Current timeline) 55′s (Adventures) 20-34

Sex/Gender: Male 
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 6'0’’/1,85m+/-
Race: Half-Elf

Appearance: Roy has a pale skin color with some light freckling on his face.When he was younger he was on the skinnier side but he has always had broad shoulders, later in his life, he starts to build up muscles and eventually has a muscular build which slowly turns in a muscular undertone once he settles down. His hair is a brown/dark blond color, but he has dyed it both red and orange before. He has gray-blue eyes and used to always wear glasses as his eyesight is naturally really bad, later these get replaced by an enchanted item. After his late twenties′s Roy has a large scar on his chest, he also misses his right nipple. Around his begin-twenties, he got a large image on his back, displaying two pairs of wings and a stylized eye. He also three other actual tattoo's, one on his right arm displaying several kinds of flowers and herbs and 2 stripes, a male faun reaching for a firefly, surrounded by different kinds of flowers and ferns and a got a three roses on his shoulder around his thirties, representing his partner Vera and their kids Erik and Natasha.

Like Sabat, he also wears a key around his neck when no carrying his staff.

Personality: (50′s) He has a calm exterior but is quite excited about life, really talkative and talks about uncomfortable subjects easily, he’s an open book, has good common sense but isn’t book-smart, somewhat insecure and can be anxious/worrywart at times, somewhat of a stay-at-home-dork-dad, playful romantic and a spoiler to those he holds dear,  kinky son of a bitch, is social but gets overwhelmed around large groups of people or new people/situations, a foodie and he’s quite busy minded.

Tallent: Abjuration/Defensive Spellcasting
Flaws: Loathes large bodies of water, especially cold or dirty water, can't swim with armor or robes. Is barely able to do any offense based spells.
Class: Wizard (Abjuration) / Cleric (Knowledge, Roh)

Favorite Weapon: Doesn’t like using weapons, uses a dagger when needed. has an appreciation of artistic weapons.  

What’s his deal: 

Roy used to be an adventurer when he was younger, a cleric/wizard serving the god “Roh”, after specializing in abjuration magic. He started traveling when he was about 20 years old and used to travel in a group of 4 and eventually married and settled down around his 34′s to enjoy the calm life for awhile.

Vera, his wife, used to be one of his travel companions.

After settling down, he became an illustrator and writer and became well known for his children storybooks, which are based on his own adventures, but made kid friendly. A few years later he and Vera adopted their oldest son Erik when he was about ¾ years old. About 5 years later they had another child together with a Tiefling woman, called Vex. The child, a half-Tiefling/Tiefling was called Natasha. Currently, he’s a stay at home dad to Natasha and a full-time writer/artist.     

Why did Roy become a Cleric, how did he experience it?

Roy was contacted by Roh at the age of 18, this was done through a “dream”/vision. Roh wanted Roy to start adventuring and collect knowledge for her about certain subjects. (Which was actually a way to lead him to important/defining moments in his life.) Roy was at that time attending magic school, specializing in Abjuration. He made a deal with Roh and was excited to work with an actual god and get a chance to go on the adventure he had always dreamed of. The transformation of becoming a cleric was overnight, the next day, Roy woke up with a dark spot on his back, a key around his neck and a sudden understanding of languages Dwarfs and Primordial. Later he also found out he suddenly knew a few new spells.  

How did he meet Vera?

Roy was actually gathering information about a cult, pretending to be a member and Vera was about to destroy it. After having a seemingly endless ,but somewhat playful, fight, ( as Vera is full offense and Roy is full Defense)  Vera ended it by semi-accidentally smashing Roy’s glasses. She led him out of the cultist’s lair (after Roy explained himself) blew the lair up. Both went their separate ways to meet again at a bar, years later, becoming good friends quite quickly. Vera was at that time traveling together with a lady called Gardenia and Roy joined them.  

What is his family like?

Whole family:…
His son Erik:…

Weird/Random facts:

- He has a semi-secret thing for Dragonborn and Tieflings. Roy’s a kinky dork  and a “party-potion” user lol.
- He calls Vera his princess and Natasha his little devil as she doesn’t like to be called little princess.
- He’s overly protective over Natasha, which annoys her. So she occasionally calls him mom instead of dad to annoy him. 
- He often has tea with Roh in her “human” form, it’s not weird to see them casually chatting and this scared the hell out of Sabat the first time he saw this.
- He really loves abandoned homes, temples, citys etc.
- He asked Vera to marry him in a near death situation.
- At some moment he owned 40 ducks, aside from that he has a dog called Queeny (Black Borzoi)

- He can actually horse ride pretty well, but is somewhat rusty.
- Roy is usually the one that has to inform his kids about uncomfortable things, including explaining to Erik how Natasha was actually made:

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