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DnD| Jekyll by RomyvdHel-Art DnD| Jekyll by RomyvdHel-Art
Hello People,

This is my dear "Jekyll", a DnD NPC who I created 
on my first session as a Dungeon Master, who stole my heart a lot faster than expected :D <3 I get too attached to these characters haha Jekyll's appearance originally was heavily inspired by Esmeralda from; Disney's Hunchback of Notre dame, but I've decided to give her, her own design with a few old features shining through :)


Callname: Jekyll
Full-Name: Jekyll Merryweather
Old-Full Name: Marie Jane Valin Summermourn

Age: Mid-Thirties 
Sex/Gender: Female, Cis
Height: 5'9''/1,75m (human) 6' 11"/2,10m (werewolf)
Race: Human, Shapeshifter (Born-Werewolf)
Class: Ex-Rogue, Currently works as a barmaid in Bradon.
Favourite Weapon: Crossbow 

What's her deal: Jekyll was born into a wealthy big shapeshifter family; The "Summermourners", because of this she never missed out on anything, belonging- and education-wise. However, to Jekyll, this life she was living seemed dull and uneventful, she longed for a bit of adventure in her life and was eager to make trouble and pick up fights to entertain herself. One day, while riding her horse through the woods, she met a fellow called "Percival", a traveller who came up to her to have a little chat. Percival actually meant to rob her but after changing some words the man quickly felt charmed by the witty woman and asked her if they could meet again. After meeting several times in secret, over a course of a few weeks, getting to know each other better each day, Percival told Jekyll that he would have to leave again soon and asked her if she wanted to join him and his group.

While Jekyll did feel a sense of guilt for the family she would leave behind, this offer, 
a charming man stealing her away from this predictable boring life, was everything she'd ever dreamed of. Together they left at midnight and for years they would travel together. Percival's group was a group of rogues; people who made their living by stealing and doing other shifty jobs for people with some gold on their hands. Their group existed out of 4 people; Cat (ex-circus artist), Johan (potion-brewer and heavy duty man), Percival (A sorcerer/rogue and their leader) and Jekyll. In these years travelling together with this group, 9 long years, Jekyll learned all the thieves ways, eventually becoming quite good at it. 

However, after a very successful but tiresome mission, they got ambushed. In this ambush, both Johan and Percival lost their lives. Cat and Jekyll were both mortally wounded, but alive. Cat was able to drag Jekyll to a nearby village, just being in time to save her life, after one of her legs got ripped off in the ambush. Jekyll's recovery was slow and it gave her a lot of time to reflect on her life but also to mourn her lost lover. She decided that after this was all over and she was able to leave again, she would quit her thieving ways and start over somewhere far away.

With a large part of the small fortune left behind from her past 9 years, she had an enchanted prosthetic leg made. This leg would transform with her when shapeshifting and would move and act like a normal leg. When this was done and she got accustomed to it, she decided to join a caravan that was going to build a new village in the far North-West of the continent. Here she would start working as a barmaid later, something she would really learn to enjoy. She loved talking and flirting with the customers, hearing about their adventures, meeting new people every day, while staying on the safe, relaxing side of it all.

This relaxing atmosphere did not stay for very long sadly. About 3 years after Jekyll started living in Bradon, people started disappearing, followed by an awful stench covering the village a few weeks after the first disappearances. Jekyll decided to not investigate herself, being afraid she'd be next, but to keep a watchful eye. A few weeks later, disappearances continued and a group of travellers arrived at Bradon's Inn; The Grumpy Boar. A group of four men, she later got to know after having a talk with them at the bar, a tall ugly but friendly half-orc called Thacaen, a grumpy older looking man called Yorek, a very muscular scarcely clothed simple man called Oskar and Sarus. Sarus, who was a muscular dark skinned half-elf with blond hair intrigued her at first sight.  

This group of travellers eventually solved the village's problem, finding out the disappearances and smell were caused by a pair of Bulettes (A kind of land-shark like digging-creature). These Bulettes preyed on the people of Bradon and let a portion of their meals, as they were picky eaters, rot away in the burrows they dug. Together with the help of a travelling bard and Jekyll herself, the group of travellers defeated the Bulettes. They celebrated their victory afterwards, very late at night, with a drinking game, before they would have the awful task of bringing the sad news to the villages the morning after. Jekyll and Sarus both had plenty to drink and eventually ended up spending the night together.

The day after the group announced the sad news to the village and spend the rest of the day helping to recover the victims and closing up the tunnels. The village was overcome with grieve but very thankful to the group of travelling strangers.  

Soon after this, the group continued their travels. Sarus promised Jekyll he would come back and he did. Sarus and Jekyll are now in a mostly-open, semi-serious relationship as Jekyll still finds it a bit hard to allow herself to start loving someone again, but after they got the time to know each other better and better, Jekyll eventually revealing her past to Sarus and him doing the same. Jekyll can't help herself but really fall for the young man, even though she finds herself a little worried about his situation. She now just enjoys her life, working at The Grumpy Boar, while Bradon is recovering and growing into a real village after becoming a popular rest spot for those travelling to bigger cities. 

Neutral - While Jekyll has a history of thieving, she does not wish to unnecessarily harm anyone, especially kill anyone. Jekyll deals with people by knocking them out, not killing them. She has however killed before but always out of self-defense or defending someone who's dear to her. Jekyll isn't very smart but she is clever and sharp. She has a lot of people knowledge and with her years of street experience and her job as a barmaid, Jekyll is easily able to read people. Jekyll is flirty, a trickster and definitely a naughty person, she enjoys social events and loves spending the night with people she finds interesting. She's however, a person that worries on the inside and has a hard time talking about her problems, rather talking about more "fun" subject. This leads the her getting stressed and when Jekyll gets stressed she gets hungry. Give her any strong liqour and she'll be fine, but feed her wine and she turns into a melodramatic mess.  

Other art featuring Jekyll:

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PixelStray Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017
I really enjoy seeing the DnD characters
I'm wayyyy too into Pathfinder honestly, so seeing others characters
RomyvdHel-Art Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Ah thanks! and that's awesome! I've never tried pathfinder myself, but I've read a pathfinder monster manual once, it looked great :D
PixelStray Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017
Pathfinder is so dang great buuuut it sucks that my
game master is never online. You might like a few of my characters
honestly, shame I never draw em.
RomyvdHel-Art Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Ah that sucks indeed, I used to play and DM, DnD irl but sadly had to stop recently >< I'd love to see :D!
PixelStray Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017
Yer games take forever despite being really fun.
To this day I've never finished a campaign cause life got too busy
for at least one person out of four or five in the group ;n;
RomyvdHel-Art Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Yes indeed very recognisable >< and me neither, we were in the middle of the campaign with our last game, I really miss it.
PixelStray Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017
SAAAAMEEEEE this always happens lol
if ya like we can just chat about old characters, because I know that helps
RomyvdHel-Art Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Sure, they arent old yet tho haha there is still a chance we will continue this story c: i really hope we do
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