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Collab| Rosepuffs by RomyvdHel-Art Collab| Rosepuffs by RomyvdHel-Art

(Dialogue by Rosepuffs) 

Brooke peered around her surroundings very carefully, looking for anything with a spark of inspiration. A twinge of guilt tugged at her as she thought about the hefty fine she had paid to go as far as to visit another planet. She pressed forward through the small village she had stopped by as her time ticked down.

    The tiny unicorn’s head seemed to swivel like an owl’s making her intents visible to all. She kept to herself, though, as there was surely no reason to talk to strangers. At least so she thought, until a fairly young stallion approached her, mild concern dancing in his eyes.

    “Are you lost, miss?” he eyed her odd and obviously foreign anatomy.

    “Oh monsieur, I’m aware of my location, thank you. I was simply looking for a subject to...” Brooke looked into the beady eyes of the pale python peeking back at her from the stranger's shoulder, “Paint.”

    “So you’re an artist?”

    “Oui, monsieur,” Brooked nodded in agreement.

    “Huh. Okay…” The stranger’s gazed dashed around in a break of sudden nerves as he backed away without so much as a goodbye.

    Brooke knew the burden of introversion and just chalked it up to just that. Who was she to confront anybody on their issues anyways? She mindlessly wandered around for a few more hours, sketching potential suitors for her next projects. When she settled down to have a peaceful lunch under a tree with some warm tea and cookies, the idea struck her.

    “Le serpent!” She quietly muttered to herself. As she looked back in her sketchbook, she noticed a recurring theme in some of the exotic animals filling the cluttered pages before her. Brooke then knew exactly what she wanted, but first she’d have to find that stranger with the snake once again.

    She scurried back through the town, hoping to see any sign of the otherwise very generic stallion. As the sun began to sink ever so slowly, so did Brooke’s hopes. She found herself approaching an unknowing unicorn, her throat tightening with terror as she realized she had to interact to find what she wanted.

    “Madame?” Brooke practically squeaked.

    The pastel blue mare turned to face Brooke, eyes soft and gentle “Yes, how may I help you?”

    “Um...” Brooke naturally cowered a little, “Do you know of a stallion that has a brown pelt and a python wrapped around his neck?”

    The mare thought for a moment then quired, “Does the fellow has glasses?”


    “Oh yes, that’s Kevin. He works at the local pet shop three blocks south from here.”

    A pet shop! “Okay, merci!” With that Brooke scampered off in the direction she was pointed to.

    She soon found herself nearly barreling through the doors of the humble little shop, stopping gracelessly at the entrance.

    “Bonjour?” Brooke carefully made her way in, looking around at all of the creatures gawking at the new comer.

    “Hello?” Kevin poked his head out from around a corner, stealing a moment of recognition, “Oh, it’s you! You need anything?”

    “Oui monsieur, I believe I could use your assistance in my next project.”

    Kevin’s ears slicked back with anxiety, giving away that he thought Brooke was talking about him directly.

    “I was thinking about it, and I would like to use the peculiar creatures in your shop as subjects in my next series. Especially the snake.”

    “Oh, uh...” Kevin stared at her blankly as he tried to brew a proper response.

    “I can pay,” Brooke pulled out the approximate of $500, a small sum for her.

    Kevin gaped at the money, flabbergasted, “Th-this is very generous but… There’s no need to. If you just mention m-my shop as you sell your work, it’ll be fine...”

    “Sounds fair,” Brooke was starting to feel her own nerves that she’d been keeping down for finishing out the deal. She decided to quietly browse through the shop and looked at all of the beasties as she formulated her next series. The snake, who Brooke would later learn is named Dastan, stretched the wings he had kept hidden the entire time, letting his uniqueness be known.

    “I don’t think we were ever formally introduced,” Kevin commented as he mindlessly restocked shelves, “I’m Kevin, by the way.”

    “Bonjour, my name is Brooke, and… Well, let’s just say I’m very far from home.”


A collab between myself and the lovely RosePuffs this collab was originally planned in June/July but al kind of stuff came in the way :D

Here's who did what:
Me: Sketch, Lineart
Rose: Idea, Coloring, Background, Dialogue

Kevin & Art © :iconromyvdhel-art:
Brooke & Art © :iconrosepuffs:

Dendropsyche Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So cute! I love the story too! The little python is just adorbs!
RomyvdHel-Art Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you :) Rosepuffs did a great job on the story ^^
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